"Necessitous Men are not Free Men"

Franklin D. Roosevelt  declared in 1944. Laws ought to provide protection to people. 

About Us

Know Your Rights

Most people work for a living; corporations employ a myriad of working people. Sometimes corporations take unlawful actions against their employees, contractors, potential hires and consumers. We are a country of laws. Some of our laws protect families. Bernie and Christina Mazaheri are lawyers that represent salt of the earth people. If you have been wronged by a corporation contact us.

The Law

Legislation exist to protect the rights of employees, applicants, contractors and consumers. The law is not always adequate. However, there are a myriad of statutes, as well as common law remedies and constitutional rights that protect people.

Mazaheri & Mazaheri

Bernie and Christina Mazaheri have consulted and litigated on behalf of thousands of people that have sought redress against corporations (today's Goliaths). Justice Louis Brandeis warned about the curse of bigness; the Book of Samuel tells of the story of David and Goliath; Bob Dylan warned of many Goliaths. 

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